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Posted 11/08/2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

DLC Fighter Predictions

If you haven’t already heard, Masahiro Sakurai has recently tweeted out information involving the DLC fighters for the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The information in his tweet, pictured above, is interesting for two reasons.


On one hand it gives us an insight into how these DLC fighters are selected and developed, as well as an idea of how fighters are normally handled and decided on in the Smash Bros. series.


However, more importantly it gives us a pretty good jumping off platform for theories about who these five mystery DLC fighters will be.


So, I thought I would give my predictions on who I think these DLC characters are.

The Predictions

I’m basing most of my predictions around Nintendo wanting to use Smash’s marketing potential, so the majority of my choices are centered around games releasing in 2019 and beyond.


I am aware that some of these characters have already been revealed as either Assist Trophies or Spirits, but this is all in good fun so I’m going to be ignoring that possibility.

#5. Professor E.Gadd - Luigi’s Mansion 3

With Luigi’s Mansion already being tied into Ultimate via the Simon/Richter announcement trailer, I think it is fairly likely that there will be another tie in with the planned 2019 release of Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch.


I think the crazy professor would be an excellent pick for a Smash Bros. fighter due to his inventing skills.


His move set could be based around different props he has invented such as the Poltergust, F.L.U.D.D., and even the Magic Paintbrush used by Bowser Jr. in Super Mario Sunshine.

It could also be very cool to have his Final Smash be him releasing the portrait ghosts from the original Luigi’s Mansion game on the GameCube onto the stage and having them cause mayhem to his enemies!


With Nintendo’s recent push for Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS, I see no reason as to why they wouldn’t want to continue riding that marketing train into Smash town.

#4. Yuna - Final Fantasy X

Square Enix and Nintendo have had a really good relationship lately, just look at the September Nintendo Direct’s announcement of 5+ Final Fantasy games coming to the Switch.


Although I guess Square Enix forgot FF8 existed?


I dunno.


Cloud has already been representing the Final Fantasy brand in Smash since his release on the WiiU/3DS games, but I think it’s time we got another awesome female fighter in the mix.


Personally, Yuna is my go to pick for strong Final Fantasy characters.


Sure, she may not be the strongest physically, but with a combination of her firearms from X-2 and her magic abilities, ignoring the fact that she was unable to summon after the ending of FFX, she could really provide some awesome gameplay that is unique to her alone.

#3. ??? - Fire Emblem: Three Houses

This one is a little bit difficult because we don’t exactly know all that much about Fire Emblem: Three Houses yet.


Yes, Fire Emblem has an insane amount of fighters in Ultimate.


Yes, they all feel like fairly generic “human with sword” characters.


But hear me out.


A very useful, but surprisingly untapped, unit type in the Fire Emblem series is the mounted units.


Horses and Pegasus alike are often found carrying armed warriors on their back, which in the Fire Emblem series, provides these units with more movement speed and other additional benefits and weaknesses.

That’s why I’m hoping for a Pegasus Knight to be announced along side the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


I would outfit this fighter with a halberd to give them longer reach at the cost of weaker damage output, and they would be heavily armored so they would move slower while on the ground but be harder to knock back.


The words “on the ground” are key here.


I’m thinking a Pegasus Knight could play opposites with Little Mac, and be more successful while fighting in the air.


They could even be given a multiple use jump just like Kirby & Jigglypuff, which would allow them to sustain their aerial game for much longer.

#2. Tom Nook - Animal Crossing

With the announcement of Isabelle in Smash we also received an announcement of Animal Crossing coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019, and honestly it had me feeling pretty bad for Mr. Nook.


Nook already gets a lot of bad rep due to his love of money and necessary financial gouging of the player in the Animal Crossing series.


But let’s be honest, wouldn’t you love to have a landlord that didn’t care when you paid rent and just believed you would pay them back eventually?


Anyways, I feel for the guy.


He deserves a spot on the Smash roster just as much as Isabelle or even K.K. Slider, though he isn’t a fighter either.


The money loving tanuki could smack people around with different sized bell bags, throw different pieces of furniture, and even get his nephews Timmy and Tommy in on the fun with smash attacks.


My favorite idea with Tom Nook would be his Final Smash.


How hilarious would it be to see a cutscene layout where Tom Nook starts tallying up a bill for the character he hit with his Final Smash attack, and when he reveals the outrageous total it knocks the character away due to shock?

#1. Palico - Monster Hunter

If you had to know anything about me, you should know this: I adore Monster Hunter.


It’s one of my, if not my favorite, gaming series ever.


I used to believe Monster Hunter was just too far outside for Nintendo and Sakurai to ever warrant putting anything to do with the series in Smash.


So imagine the shock to my heart when I saw Rathalos being shown off as a boss battle in Ultimate’s story mode, World of Light!


That small inclusion got my head spinning with thoughts of having more Monster Hunter representation in Smash.


Naturally, I was leaning more towards a Hunter fighter, whose moves would be based off different weapons from the series.


However, after a brief talk with @JZBeast on twitter, I have been swayed to the side of a Palico being the fighter of choice.


Not only are these little cats a Monster Hunter staple, they’re cute as can be and their in-game moves and references could be potential for one of the most fun characters in Smash.


First off, the Palico fighter could very easily be rocking some of the best alternate costumes in the game due to the armor sets that Palicos can wear in the Monster Hunter series.


Secondly, Palicos have a built in fighting game move set that can be pulled right from their source game.


They can fire tiny cannons, they attack with their claws and melee weapons, they throw boomerangs for ranged attacks, they can buff themselves and others through horns, and they can even roll around on the ground for a dash attack!


Their Final Smash could summon an Elder Dragon, Monster Hunter’s toughest beasties, and have them lay waste to the playing field with one massive attack all while they Palico is safe underground.


Palicos are such a perfect fit for Smash, it honestly amazes me that they haven’t been added already.


I’m also incredibly hopeful that we will see another Monster Hunter game on the Nintendo Switch in 2019 or 2020 due to the success of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

So there you have it!


My five predictions for the DLC fighters!


What are your predictions?


Feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message on Twitter and let me hear all about them!

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